Instincts Systems

We had humble beginnings with this client when asked to re-design their website. That lead to a strategic marketing session. For more than 3 years now we have full-filled the role of marketing team to this client. Acting as Marketing Manager Rebecca provides strategic advice for their marketing in Australia, and the implementation of all of their marketing plans. Over the years these have included a client care program, staff motivation, direct mail campaigns, social media and networking, relationship marketing, presentation opportunities, media relations, soft launches, blogs, etc. We develop all of their marketing materials and have just launched the third website for them. Google Analystics tells us we’re doing something right – as the web hits remain stable and the enquiries keep coming in. We support their overseas marketing personnel by developing materials for their Australian, UK and USA ventures. JobBag is the product. We think its fantastic and we are delighted to have been a small part of its increasing success and entrance into new markets.

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