working with us

Our philosophy is to educate, encourage and empower.

Strategic sessions: We usually start our projects with a strategic session to help you identify and articulate your objectives and outcomes from your project. We also discuss strategic approaches to tackling your challenges, and the activities we would suggest to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We will educate you about the best approach to take based on your organisation, your needs and your values.

Action plan: We will develop a comprehensive strategy or a concise action plan or even a project development plan (based on your needs for the project) and these will clearly outline the process we will follow, the actions to be taken, the timeframe, the investment and the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in the project.

Development of materials: We can assist you with development of materials to support your marketing or communications activities. The services we offer in this area include design, copywriting and production. We will work with you to ensure that the materials we develop are perfectly suited to the activities for which they will be used And are developed to support the achievement of your desired outcomes.

Implementation: Where you require us to we will work with you to set up processes for implementation of the various marketing activities, or we will implement them on your behalf. Where required we will conduct audits, provide training, coach staff, etc. We will support you through the whole process and encourage you with guidance and implementation advice.

Monitoring and measurement: We will set up systems to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your mar-comms activities on an ongoing basis. We will ensure that we have a system in place to monitor every single marketing activity so that you can track what activities are generating the best results for you on an ongoing basis. This will ensure you have sustainable solutions. And we will empower you to manage your own projects in the future.

Ongoing Consulting: No matter how well equipped you are with all the strategies, plans and tools we will provide you with, you may encounter issues and need assistance along the way. Please pick up the phone and talk to us. It's our absolute pleasure to assist you in any way we can on an ongoing basis and we don't charge for phone consultations.

Fees for services: We operate on the basis of all fees agreed in advance. Prior to undertaking any project with you, we will give you a written proposal outlining the process of working with us, the methodology we use, development plan, team involved in your project and fees for services. Once you have approved the proposal, we will issue you a letter of engagement. We offer value for investment because we deliver exactly what we promise, and we never promise more than we can deliver.