Superfine Printing Group

This client has been in the printing game for more than 50 years and is one of the larger print businesses around. They have state of the art technology and multi-million dollar printing presses. Their capacity and capability is huge. Our challenge was to re-brand them and also to assist with the strategic marketing and sales of their business all with a single goal to bring in more business for them. Our approach to re-branding them has been to emphasize their experience, while highlighting their commitment to growth and modern technology. Together we came up with the tagline "A brand new 50 year old company" not merely because its a play on what we were doing for them, but because it encapsulates what the client is all about. They have the experience of the last 5 decades, with the aptitude and enthusiasm of a new company. Their materials have been designed to show off the best of their printing capacity and standards all printed in-house, of course.

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